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Rocketpacks Frankfurt's warehouse is also active in plant engineering and construction with products' resale to produce coffee dispensing systems for beer bars, pubs, wine bars, or retail stores.

The perfect coffee needs professional and high-quality equipment. That's why we only brew with the best Rocketpacks. We have the right espresso backpack for every occasion and for any equipment. We also work easily and flexibly with beverage tank.
To get the maximum, full-bodied aroma out of the bean, we use special coffee grinders. We rely on fresh, aroma-preserving portions ground only directly before preparation. In this way, our backpack always succeeds in serving the perfect coffee.
  • I do not want to commit myself here, but my own experiences in this article are based exclusively on online business models.
  • Online business is flourishing and generates billions of dollars in revenues.
From the quick cup from the backpack "to go" for on the go to the celebration of each individual preparation step with exclusive designer backpacks - the way coffee is prepared is now more important than it has been in recent decades.
Those who want to warm their hands and stomachs with a coffee during a walk in the current frosty temperatures will be pleased to see the little 5 liter Backpack coffee hawking dispenser with a built-in coffee maker: for a few weeks now, the car can be found, for example, in the Boulwarde or in Kansas City and will soon be on the road throughout the county.
  • Rocketpacks Coffee is an online coffee shop where we sell exclusively coffee hawker´s backpacks.
  • This distinguishes us from the supermarket segment in terms of both product quality and target group.

Not all coffees are the same? You can read more about here!

Maybe this article will inspire you to turn your idea - not perhaps necessarily coffee - into money.
  • Rocketpacks stands on different entrepreneurial pillars, which are realized with various online business models. 
  • In Spain is called  Mochila Café Dispensador
  • Also, there are other models that I don't (yet) use, but which are all recognized with Rocketpack. 
  • This article here is my Rocketpacks coffee Masterplan, but I point out options that might make one or the other coffee fan take the step into coffee self-employment in one way or another.