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In the warehouse of Rocketpacks Frankfurt also active in plant engineering and construction with resale of products for the production of coffee dispensing systems for beer bars, pubs, wine bars or retail stores. Reference customers are the installers and distributors of dispensing systems. Flagship products are the 19-liter backpack or the coffee backpack, compact and handy devices that are easy to transport and allow the user to tap the cold or hot beverage without using pressure.

  • At the beginning of every successful company there is a good idea, but does it really always have to be a super novelty?
  • Most founders see this as a hurdle and feel compelled to come up with something new, something ground breakingly innovative. A mistake, in my opinion.
  • Because where could an entry work faster than in an established market with a product like coffee that the potential customer already knows?
  • Isn't it easier to convince in an existing market only with a better service or marketing that has been around for a long time? I think so.
  • Therefore, the example of coffee will serve in this article only as an example and source of inspiration and show that even a standard product in everyday life offers many possibilities for new entrepreneurs.
  • Everyone is familiar with coffee and almost every household has a coffee machine. Maybe this article will inspire you to turn your own idea - maybe not necessarily coffee - into money.

  1. I do not want to commit myself here, but my own experiences in this article are based exclusively on online business models.
  2. Online business is flourishing and generates billions of dollars in revenues.
  3. Whether affiliate, advertising and or the trade with products (e-commerce), the future looks good.
  4. There are many ways to make money online, some of them I have already successfully implemented myself.
  5. This has always been important for me, because I never wanted to be a service provider who was paid by the hour.
  • Rocketpacks Coffee is an online coffee shop where we sell exclusively coffee.
  • This distinguishes us from the supermarket segment in terms of both product quality and target group.
  •  Not all coffees are the same. You can read more about us here.
  • Rocketpacks stands on different entrepreneurial pillars, which are realized with different online business models. In addition, there are other models that I don't (yet) use, but which are all realized with Rocketpack.
  • This article here is not my Rocketpacks coffee Masterplan, but I just point out options that might make one or the other coffee fan take the step into coffee self-employment in one way or another. 
  1. My step into self-employment should therefore be done with a product, like my project Rocketpacks coffee.
  2. It's not my first online business, but it's a good example to show how differently you can earn money with a product as simple as coffee.
  3. A note in advance: Everything you read here may sound simpler than it is.
  4. With the right focus, this is certainly much faster.
  5. I just want to take away the hope that an online business will secure an income overnight.
  6. If you don't want to start as a service provider, you should plan for at least 1 or 2 years lead time.