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Mobile Coffee Dispensing Backpack

With this philosophy, the mobile Coffee dispensing backpack has become the market leader in converting coffee and tea.

It comes with a 3-gallon stainless steel keg, insulated dispensing head with quick connector, cup dispenser, and wallet.

Company history: The Original portable Coffee dispensing backpack Company was founded in January 1996 to provide an uncomplicated and convenient way to distribute speciality coffee and pastries to the working world and film industry.

  • Illuminated Branding Display! 
  • Supply us your individual design! 

Everyone accepts Free Coffee!

Mobile coffee street marketing Chicago

for milk and sugar - send the possible client to the info-desk

  • Airport
  • Shopping Mail
  • Amusement Park
  • Railways Station
  • Downtown
  • Sport Events
  • Open Air
  • Holiday Site
  • Beach
  • Parks
  • Trade Fair
  • Street Marketing

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  • Insurance
  • Political Election
  • Credit Card
  • Mobil Phone
  • Red Cross
  • Subscription
  • Costumer Service
  • Army
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Traveling
  • Donation
  • New Event
  • Sign Collection
  • Coupons
  • New Car
  • Image Campaigns
  • Church
  • Ticket Selling
  • Lottery
  • Store Marketing
  • Sampling
  • Cosmetic
  • Survey

Product promotion with free drinks!

A large vinyl display cover allows a quick change. 

  • Suitable for beer and coffee  bottles or cans up to 710 ml (24 oz).
  • Fully adjustable webbing for a comfortable fit
  • Highly insulated to preserve your coffee drink
  • Coffee dispensing backpack Charity events!

    • Seashore activations – dispensing sunscreen on the busiest beaches throughout school holidays and festive seasons.
    • In France is called Sac à dos distributeur de café
    • As an original designer and pioneer of the espresso/coffee concept, he has been working for 25 years to perfect this principle and surround himself with quality people who can share his vision.

    • A team of professional ambassadors of your brand, engaging consumers where they live, work, play, and shop, creating lasting connections and turning tryers into buyers. 
    • Street Teams are a great way to engage your brand’s target consumers face-to-face! 
    • But creating a professional, engaging, and successful street team activation takes planning and management.

    Backpack dispenser for non-carbonated coffee beverages the lightweight, non-carbonated backpack provides excellent temperature resistance with our new container.

    Backpack Coffee Dispenser Video

    • Mobile Coffee dispensing backpack for Can & Bottle is the perfect tool.
    • Those who want to pack cans or bottles with a certain number of your drink for mobile use, - 25-30 bottles or can.
    • Distribute hot or cold drinks such as coffee, hot chocolate, iced tea, juice, water, sports drinks.
    • Branding inserts?
    • Divided storage space allows two persons to be dosed.
    • Individual products
    • Easy access to the product for long runs

    Like all Rocketpacks coffee backpacks?

  • Our portable coffee Can and Bottle Backpack is a universal tool to present and taste your products.
  • Optional 4-10 oz or 12-24 oz cup dispenser available.
    • With this coffee backpack you bring coffee to the people in a funny way!
    • The backpack for coffee with a plastic tank has a capacity of 15 liters.
    • With it you can serve both hot and cold drinks, so not only coffee, even if that is the most common form of use.
  • The backpack keeps the temperature of the drinks constant for about 2 hours.
  • This Thermos backpack is suitable for many occasions: from street parties to promotions, concerts to conferences - anywhere you want to have a drink on the go!
  • The backpack also includes a clear cup holder for cups measuring 120-300 ml, cups are not included.
  • The clear sheet on the back of the backpack allows you to insert pictures or prints and measures H 44.5 cm x W 60 cm. 
  • Perfect if you want to convey your own print or message. At the same time, the plastic protects against the weather.
  • The risers and holders as well as the tube are black and silver. 
  • So if you want to offer coffee or other warm drinks outside, a Thermos backpack like this is excellent. 
  • Perfect for events or to use at trade shows.
  • Types of drinks: Coffee, espresso, juice, iced tea, mixed drinks, lemonade, water, alternative Drinks.