You are looking for a mobile coffee bar or espresso bar, a coffee cart, a coffee mobile or a barista in England? You can get up to 5 offers from coffee catering providers in your area with one request. Mobile Coffee Backpack is a wide directory of mobile coffee bars and espresso catering Drink to By providers. Whether you need a mobile espresso bar or a mobile coffee bar - you are sure to find the right caterer here.
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Rent our Rocketpacks with accessories and barista for your coffee vendor catering. The combination of delicious specialty coffee prepared in front of you by our barista is an asset to any event, small or large. Our locations are New Jersey and Arkansas, but our area of operation is not limited to just the surrounding area, we are happy to serve nationwide for larger or multi-day events. As you can see from our references, our satisfied customers book us again and again. You too can benefit from our more than 10 years of experience. We will be happy to provide you with prices upon request:
  • Rocketpacks is the leading provider of portable vending machines for the global foodservice and beverage concession industry.
  • Rocketpacks backpack beverage dispensers have been used in over 65 countries to serve hot and cold beverages, beverage samples, and other packaged products.
We combine tradition with modernity! Are you looking for a gastronomic attraction for your event? We prepare both classic and modern coffee specialties for our customers. From classic black coffee to traditional Turkish mocha to vegan latte - we have the right coffee speciality on hand for everyone. Whether it's a trade show, corporate event or wedding, the coffee backpacks are perfect for any event. Our vision is to combine creativity and craftsmanship. Only in this way can we truly offer our customers the kind of hospitality that best represents our company.
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We love coffee - and we want to pass on this passion! No matter when and where: through a mobile coffee hawker we can reliably supply our customers with tasty coffee variations from sustainable cultivation - and thus inspire them. Whether hot, cold or in its numerous other variations: Coffee connects and creates a sense of community. Our vision is to connect! First you with our delicious coffee and finally you and your friends. For us, coffee is... passion, love, tradition, art, time with friends and family, hospitality - coffee connects us and creates a sense of community. Important to us...quality and sustainability. Therefore, we use only the best quality roasts and pay attention to fair and sustainable coffee cultivation when selecting varieties.
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We welcome you very warmly to Coffee Backpack! Our passion is the pleasure variety of espresso. We offer professional coffee culture in premium quality with perfect service. Create your own coffee lounge or coffee bar with us at events, trade fairs, receptions, conferences or meetings.

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  • For a long time now, the way coffee is prepared has been regarded by many as an expression of their personal lifestyle. 
  • The coffee industry has played a key role in shaping the trends, providing solutions that meet the demand for uncomplicated coffee enjoyment.

  • We apprehend how vital it's far for caterers, industrial groups, and those at domestic on the way to dispense espresso in an attractive and esthetic way.
  • Insulation: Look for a backpack with insulated compartments to keep your coffee warm and your donuts fresh.
  • Multiple Compartments: Choose a backpack with different sections to separate your coffee thermos or cup from your donuts. This helps prevent spills and keeps everything organized.
  • Waterproof or Water-Resistant Material: Accidents happen, so having a backpack made from waterproof or water-resistant material can protect your food and beverages in case of unexpected rain or spills.
  • Durability: Ensure that the backpack is durable enough to withstand the weight of a thermos, coffee cup, and donut box without tearing or breaking.
  • Size: Consider the size of the backpack based on the number of donuts and the size of the coffee container you plan to carry.
  • Comfort: Look for padded shoulder straps and back support to make carrying your coffee and donuts comfortable, especially if you'll be walking or commuting.
  • If you're looking for a backpack that's suitable for carrying coffee and donuts, you'll want something with compartments or insulation to keep your items secure and at the right temperature. 

    Here are a few features to consider when selecting a backpack for this purpose: