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Vendor Tray Bellytray Hawker Tray

To understand what makes Rocketpacks Bellytrays, Vendor´s Tray and Hawker´s Tray such a to understand what makes Rocketpacks such a powerful tool, let me tell you how developed.

backpack drink dispenser foe event and marketing
  • Rocketpacks Backpack drink Dispenser is super easy-to-use even if you've never used a backpack before.
  • The classic and most obvious way is to sell Rocketpacks coffee through your online store. 
beverage backpack
beer backpack for 19 liter beer

All for less than the cost of with Rocketpacks Beer backpack, you can deliver 200 liters of drinks a day.

drink backpack

Fill the coffee container, put your drink backpack on and start running to make money.

Reviews in any form are always essential and good for coffee?

With the practical "rocketpack backpack" can cooler backpack you have on the go equal to 30 pre-cooled half-liter drinks bottles and cans with you - and additionally one in the carrying strap holder at the start!
Forget bulky coolers for on the road now and start your tour today with the "Rocketpacks" can coffee cooler bag.  
  1. What matters when selling coffee?
  2. Store operators need a wide selection of the established brands, and they should not forget about the classic flavors.
  3. Very important are well cooled cans in the offer. In the case of refrigerated backpacks, i.e. on the way from the entrance directly to the checkout, customers make short work of it. In addition, larger, non-refrigerated containers can come.
  4. As a special offer to this, for example, a bottle of milk to mix.