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Vendor Tray Bellytray Hawker Tray fo coffee, In general, the Lekkerland experts say that when consumers have a choice, they tend to opt for service. Service is valued in America and, in the case of coffee, is usually rewarded. In this respect, it seems worthwhile to sell coffee in service. At the same time, you also have the opportunity to actively offer the customer the purchase of a coffee.

To understand what makes Rocketpacks Bellytrays, Vendor´s Tray and Hawker´s Tray such a to understand what makes Rocketpacks such a powerful tool, let me tell you how developed.

Backpack drink dispenser foe event and marketing, That's what else you need for the sale of coffee: cups, sugar, syrup, and other accessories! Coffee take away, - what more do you need, please? As with so many things, the devil is in the details. Because for the to-go sale of coffee, you also need matching lids to the cups, sugar, creamer - and would you have thought of a stirrer? With these basics, each of your customers can put together their favorite coffee - whether it's more sweet or black, with lots or little milk. Also remember that you need different cup sizes - because you should by no means sell a small coffee in a 0.4l latte Macchiato cup. For the consumption in the store you need additional if necessary porcelain tableware, a small sweet to the coffee in addition - cookies or chocolate coffee beans, for example. What you can easily do without in the meantime is the offer of syrup. While the caramel Macchiato was still a popular coffee specialty a few years ago, these variants are hardly in demand today. Here you will find everything you need to know about the right coffee accessories.
  • Rocketpacks Backpack drink Dispenser is super easy-to-use even if you've never used a backpack before.
  • The classic and most obvious way is to sell Rocketpacks coffee through your online store. 
Beverage backpack! Coffee: sell right & prepare right! What makes a coffee a good coffee? Even though it is often said that making coffee is a real art - with the right coffee machine it becomes a breeze. Your employees need to be well versed with the coffee machine and, most importantly, know how to properly clean it on a regular basis. A clean and well-maintained Rocketpacks backpack is the most important basis for a tasty coffee! If you want to train your employees, you should aim less at training perfect baristas - rather focus on selling the coffee. If your employees actively approach customers and ask nicely if they can have a coffee with their roll before they pay, it can have a very positive impact on your sales. Why not give it a try San Francisco!?
Beer backpack for 19 liter beer! Especially important: hygiene, cleaning and care of the beer backpack. The heart of your coffee business is your backpack. That's why you should take extra good care of it and, above all, clean it thoroughly on a regular basis. Roasted coffee beans contain oils that settle in the bean container and in the machine and become rancid over time. And unfortunately, this is exactly how the coffee tastes. Turning on the machine's cleaning program once a day is not enough - you should also empty the bean hopper and wipe it out with a dry cloth, and thoroughly clean the outside of the machine as well. Because: the first impression counts - this also applies to the sale of coffee!

All for less than the cost of with Rocketpacks Beer backpack, you can deliver 200 liters of drinks a day.

Backpack Drink hawking? Strong advertising and good marketing sells coffee! Ready to start offering takeaway coffee to your customers? Then make them aware of it! As soon as they enter the store, their desire for a coffee drink should be aroused. This can be done - at the gas station - through advertising on the pump, or through other visible cues in front of your store and on the facade. In the store, too, the coffee offer should be conspicuously presented through appropriate marketing. The last chance has come when the consumer is standing at the cash register: "Would you like a coffee drink?". So your staff and active selling play a crucial role if you want to sell coffee successfully.

Fill the coffee container, put your drink backpack on and start running to make money.

Reviews in any form are always essential and good for coffee?

With the practical "rocketpack backpack" can cooler backpack you have on the go equal to 30 pre-cooled half-liter drinks bottles and cans with you - and additionally one in the carrying strap holder at the start!
Forget bulky coolers for on the road now and start your tour today with the "Rocketpacks" can coffee cooler bag.  
  1. What matters when selling coffee?
  2. Store operators need a wide selection of the established brands, and they should not forget about the classic flavors.
  3. Very important are well cooled cans in the offer. In the case of refrigerated backpacks, i.e. on the way from the entrance directly to the checkout, customers make short work of it. In addition, larger, non-refrigerated containers can come.
  4. As a special offer to this, for example, a bottle of milk to mix.