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Vendor Tray Bellytray Hawker Tray

To understand what makes Rocketpacks Bellytrays, Vendor´s Tray and Hawker´s Tray such a to understand what makes Rocketpacks such a powerful tool, let me tell you how developed.

backpack drink dispenser foe event and marketing
  • Rocketpacks Backpack drink Dispenser is super easy-to-use even if you've never used a backpack before.
  • The classic and most obvious way is to sell Rocketpacks coffee through your online store. 
beverage backpack
beer backpack for 19 liter beer

All for less than the cost of with Rocketpacks Beer backpack, you can deliver 200 liters of drinks a day.

drink backpack

Fill the coffee container, put your drink backpack on and start running to make money.

Reviews in any form are always essential and good for coffee?

With the practical "rocketpack backpack" can cooler backpack you have on the go equal to 30 pre-cooled half-liter drinks bottles and cans with you - and additionally one in the carrying strap holder at the start!
Forget bulky coolers for on the road now and start your tour today with the "Rocketpacks" can coffee cooler bag.  
  1. What matters when selling coffee?
  2. Store operators need a wide selection of the established brands, and they should not forget about the classic flavors.
  3. Very important are well cooled cans in the offer. In the case of refrigerated backpacks, i.e. on the way from the entrance directly to the checkout, customers make short work of it. In addition, larger, non-refrigerated containers can come.
  4. As a special offer to this, for example, a bottle of milk to mix.
  •  The mobile Rocketpacks can be provided with your logo.
  •  In Germany is called Kaffee Rucksack
  •  This reminds people of your brand while they enjoy premium coffee.
  • If you're interested in starting a portable coffee-selling business, there are several steps you can take to get started. Here's a general outline to guide you:

    Research and Planning:

    Research the local market to understand your target audience, competition, and potential locations.

    Develop a business plan outlining your goals, target market, marketing strategy, and financial projections.

    Legal Requirements:

    Check with local health departments and business licensing offices to understand the legal requirements for selling food and beverages.

    Obtain any necessary permits or licenses to operate your mobile coffee business legally.

    Choose Your Setup:

    Decide on the type of portable setup you want. This could be a coffee cart, a food truck, or even a bicycle with coffee-making equipment.

    Equipment and Supplies:

    Invest in high-quality coffee-making equipment that is portable and suitable for outdoor use.

    Purchase supplies such as coffee beans, cups, lids, condiments, and any other items you'll need.

    Location Selection:

    Identify high-traffic locations where there is demand for coffee. Consider events, parks, markets, office areas, or near public transportation hubs.

    Branding and Marketing:

    Create a memorable and attractive brand for your coffee business.

    Develop a marketing strategy, including social media presence, flyers, and collaborations with local businesses or events.

    Menu Development:

    Create a menu with a variety of coffee options, and consider offering some snacks or pastries to complement your coffee offerings.

    Mobile Payment Options:

    Provide mobile payment options for customer convenience, as many people prefer cashless transactions.

    Quality and Consistency:

    Ensure consistency in the quality of your coffee. This will help build customer loyalty.

    Customer Engagement:

    Foster a friendly and engaging atmosphere. Customer service is crucial for repeat business.


    Be adaptable to changes in location and demand. Attend different events and monitor customer preferences.

    Health and Safety:

    Follow health and safety guidelines to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your mobile coffee setup.