coffeedispensing in a new innovative form

The mobile coffee backpack offers a high-quality coffee experience for every conference, exhibition, or event.

mobile coffee backpack

From corporate events to film sets and locations.

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Stopping people with free mulled wine, coffee and children's punch and handing out promotional material

Our claim is to serve you and your guests high pleasure in the form of primarily coffee specialties and premium teas. Thanks to our guaranteed trained and professional backpacks, who master latte art to perfection, every cup becomes a work of art. Paired with our high-quality and fancy equipment, our mobile coffee bar is also a stylish eye-catcher. Happy guests make you and us 100 percent satisfied at the end of the day.

Are you looking for a coffee service for your next meeting or event?

The Rocketpacks is a young, dynamic and well-rehearsed team. You can be sure that every order is absolutely reliable and extremely professionally executed by us. We work exclusively with trained backpack team, who understand their craft and do not merely receive a short briefing.

Portable Rocketpacks Coffee Backpack prides itself on its looks and cleanliness.

  • Festivals, weddings, product launches, experiential marketing, etc., are offered.
  • Our name and craftsmanship are recognized as the "standard" of the coffee and food Industry.
Our Free Coffee Service is simple and hassle-free. We have strategically placed state-of-the-art water stations in public spaces, parks, schools, and other community gathering areas. These stations are equipped with advanced filtration technology to ensure that the water is purified, free from contaminants, and safe for consumption.

Donating water in the heat on the street and distribute flyers of products

To use our coffee service, all you need to do is bring your own reusable water bottle or cup to any of our water stations. Simply press the button, and our innovative system will dispense chilled, filtered water directly into your container. It's quick, easy, and most importantly, free!

Donate suntan lotion from the backpack and distribute flyers of products

A large vinyl display cover allows quick change!

portable coffee marketing bag

Whether it's a morning meeting for 10 people, a conference with multiple deliveries, or a wedding for 200 people, we can work with you to ensure your next event is covered with coffee and tea.

As well as being capable of use it without difficulty and effortlessly on a every day basis at the workplace for example, with our workplace mobile espresso dispensers.

Whether you enjoy a flat white coffee or just your regular coffee.

In doing so, we always take your ideas and wishes into account. We also attach importance to a complete feel-good ambience and always give 100 percent so that every single guest enjoys staying with you. In addition, we convince equally with quality, competence, and style. With our coffee catering, your trade show appearance or event will become something special.

The Mobile Coffee Backpack is a unique and exciting rental service that brings the top class coffee experience to any event or exhibition, large or small.

With the best manners and entertaining conversations, the entire event team not only ensures a particularly good mood, but also relies on an individual approach. Visitors thus always feel comfortable at your booth and always look forward to further encounters - either on the same day, when it is time for the next cup of freshly brewed coffee hawker, or at the next coffee catering, again at your booth.

The presentation of the types of ingredients is, first and foremost, coffee dispensing in its significance.  

You possibly already realize that a terrific day starts offevolved with a terrific cup of coffee.

Our care and commitment to providing the highest quality mobile coffee service are reflected in our positive feedback from returning customers and customers.

That`s right, there may be not anything like smelling that hot and tasteful aroma of freshly floor beans. As a way to have that high-quality wakeup call every morning with clean and attractive coffee time and time again, a exceptional coffee dispenser is so as, right to your kitchen table or counter.

Our mission: We strive to be recognized in the mobile coffee and food industry for our unparalleled backpack designs, exceptional advice, and thorough training.

Coffee is more than a drink, it means passion. The coffee vendor has become the entertainer, especially at trade shows, and the new bartender of our time. What a comparison you think? But it is true! Because cocktails are only served in the evening, but the delicious coffee specialties are your companion from the first minute of the day - thanks to good coffee catering.

To be full of floor coffee, instant coffee, or some other coffee powder,  so the introduced value of our products isn't always best measured by the high-elegance capability of our elegant dispensers, but also through the innovative and modern design, our merchandise provide.  

Backpack coffee Dispenser Video

We are also proud of our professional products, which are as important as the high quality of coffee, tea, and snacks they serve.
Allow us to take you on portable coffee backpack a morning stroll, down from the upstairs floor into your own home kitchen, while you are about to start your new day.

Our espresso dispensers characteristic an extensive and wealthy style of layout options.

Every single drink is prepared with full attentiveness and attention to detail and is a feast for the palate and the eyes at the same time. Our professional Rocketpacks hawking backpack are masters of latte art and conjure up various motifs on cappuccino or flat white and also personally vouch for the quality of their coffee specialties. You can taste this directly with the first sip.

We offer portable coffee backpacks for a variety of events and groups?

Visitors intersection activations – handing out espresso/warm chocolate at busy intersections in top-hour site visitors.

Espresso dispensers carry you the brand new and maximum modern word within the world of food containing, preserving, and offering.

  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material!
  • This is not the conventional nylon coffeebackpack material!