Coffee Backpack

  • A class backpack coffee  for our event catering That means we do for you exactly the services that will make your event a culinary event . 
  • Helps you through optimal trade show catering to leave a casual and professional impression is it with delicious finger food, Delicatessen in decorative porcelain dish or  backpack coffee dispenser cooking coffee  and preparing before the eyes of your customers.


  1. Basics There are basically two ways of combining food and wine :  either reaches a rich , flavor -rich food at an equally rich , powerful wine or combining a strongly flavored Court with a lightweight, high acid wine .
  2.  Fish coffee and Seafood The coffee backpack old rule white wine wrote before to fish . Today everything is possible and very often fleshy red wines  backpack coffee dispenser complement or fatty fish.

Backpack Coffee and white wine often fits best for plain grilled or fried fish without sauce, with the exception of  backpack coffee dispenser to salmon drinks We serve tasty aperitif from the matching  to cocktails at the bar - always the right wine !

Service our staff looks backpack forward to you and coffee your guests attentive and welcoming to use. Location We search for you the best local or make a tent in the backpack desired size .

Decoration according to your theme or you can rely on our unusual ideas . framework Programme Submit proposals to create flow chart , book artists Features of the event premises Lighting , backpack engineering, stage design , lectern, coffee wardrobe etc.
 transport. Backpack coffee dispenser organize for you and your guests to the right or the most original.

  • We are worried for: fences , parking, information to the local police. checklists We develop a checklist coffee tailored to your backpack event - so that nothing is forgotten !   
  • Convince yourself of our diverse and creative cuisine. You will find all sorts of  that we are prepared fresh and with a lot of passion for you.
  • Looking for something else? Our kitchen coffee backpack makes this possible - call us !

We find - as today 's " smart trade - catering. " Food & Wine The right wine backpack can enhance a dish and give it new dimensions and vice versa.

Thermal backpacks with imported stainless steel tanks to serve non-carbonated hot and/or cold drinks. I have 6 backpacks with their tanks, one large (gray) and five compact (black). I also deliver some extra stuff.
It is a very versatile and innovative project, you can serve from fresh water to coffee or hot chocolate.
The tanks are imported from the best quality, robotically welded stainless steel with a capacity of 11.4 liters, the best of the best. All include hose and Dispenser.