Coffee Man

lf you are offering a staff coffeeman party , housewarming or wedding planning and you want to let it support our Professional Team Wore good ideas for partial or complete solutions . 
Decorations , heaters, tents, toilets , promotional items, kitchen coffee  equipment, slipcovers , etc. are just a few of the possibilities that can cover us and our partners . 

In the preparation phase we coffeeman will create an overall concept or assist you with partial solutions . 

It goes without saying that we all coffee  agreed with you requirements , eg Constantly keep appointments or coffee man budget in mind and are in regular contact with you. 

During the event, we are on the spot and take on the event line , so that you can concentrate fully on your guests. Even more day events we support with our employees and coffeeman coordinate all processes. 
If you only need support coffee man for your celebration, is also not a problem. You are welcome coffee man to our expertise in project management or seek the help of individual employees to complete. 

Catering offers the entire beverage logistics from an experienced hand. From the appetizer to the creamy cappuccino in the morning then we are your partner for soft drinks and coffee specialties , cocktails and mixed drinks of all kinds, pure spirits. Beers and mixed drinks beer , wines, and coffee   sparkling wines. Coffee Man Enchant coffeeman your guests with a coffee  perfectly made ​​coffee, classic cocktails or with new creations for example .

 Whether vitamin-rich smoothies with fresh berries and fruits or cocktails with herbs and spices in cuisine style .

Let incorporate our coffee  experience coffee man and expertise in event. Realization of any services which is in connection with an event we like to put on it . 
 Functional drinks with and Schüssler salts or Vegan Cocktails for the conscious connoisseur - the seductive shaken and stirred drinks attract a large audience , as well as the experienced connoisseur .

 For your drinks , we use only selected fresh ingredients and brand and premium spirits . 

We are happy to help and coffee man make the cocktail menu to your liking. 
In addition to an extensive repertoire of cocktails and long drinks we offer a selection of wines, champagne and sparkling wine and champagne coffeeman best quality , but also different coffee . You are curious ? 

Details on this can be found in the Areas.



There are coffeeman backpack moments in life that are so special that you still remembered many years later . 
This relieves you coffeebackpack  and facilitates the organization. 

We offer Support and relief in the preparations Excellent meals for you and your guests Menus that reflect the individuality of your guests Rental of seating, coffee crockery and cutlery Entertainment ( musically and / or variety )

Everything from a single source with a contact Individual programs for coffee every need and every budget Unforgettable moments , satisfied and happy guests How coffeebackpack  many times have you together with relatives or close friends looking at a photo album and reveled in this beautiful memories? 

We would like to backpack contribute a small part to the fact that the next chapter will be written in this album with the best memories. When can we make an offer ?

 Backstage catering for artists The sun coffee burns - time is running out ! Engineer hectic move hundreds of meters of cable , while the gaffer still trying to change the plugs that do coffeebackpack  not fit on the supplied distribution . 

Someone yells loudly around the area behind the stage backpack  and the band is already waiting nervously at first sound check.

 CoffeebackpackPure excitement and tension ! But when the pointer moves around noon , she is in all the same feeling one : 

The stomach screams for food and the soul for coffeebackpack  some coffee relaxation . 

If then finally the call " food is ready " sound , a strange silence spreads . 
A cozy gathering at the long table shows that food is not just food. 

It is a very old human custom that for millennia promotes social interaction and creates connections . 

Especially after great exertion and stress the right Malzeit is very important and can work wonders. We accompany rock bands , musicals, dance and slapstick troops , Pop artist, etc. on coffee your tour of the z and the near abroad.

 Also to open air festivals and festivals we naturally desire to the " backstage catering ." 

So you see, we have enough experience in this special environment ! When may we for your tour a wide range of coffeebackpack .

The wedding of the daughter , the birthday of the father or the coffee unforgettable family celebration , to name just a few examples . Simple moments that you keep in your heart! 

Thus, this event is marred by nothing , we support you backpack from the coffeebackpack  preparation to the smooth conduct . Through our work with bands and strong partners, we are able to offer one-stop also able , catering and entertainment.

 Consideration of special guests, such as vegetarians , diabetics and coffeebackpack  allergy backpack Deals that are every desire and every budget Impressions of a first insight your Benefits You can coffee relax and enjoy your party Maximum flexibility in all areas.

Hello Karolina, my name in  and we spoke today on the telephone.  My company may be interested in purchasing 4  Rocket Packs coffee backpack , this would be a new addition to our existing business, and we would hope to increase that quantity to many more over the coming year.  I need a price for the supply and delivery of 4, 11.5Ltr  packs all 4 would be Co2 equipped.  

I am very interested  in getting rocketpacks  for a  project  I have on selling orange juice  and coffee  in the  mornings  while  traffic  is

stopped.    I  want  to know  coffee if its possible  to  have both coffee backpack liquids in the  same backpack  and  preserve them hot or cold as each requires.

Also  I  would like  to know if the liquid will come coffee down  by gravity or  by another  way?

I liked  your two cilynder model, are they interchangeable, so that I can have cilynders  already filled  to changed them?

What  system  do you suggest  for this operation?

We  need a technical specification sheet  to have coffee backpack  authorities see  them Delivery  will be  to Mexico City airport (MEX),  for  quotation purposes.

I would like a quote for four rocketpacks with two seperate stainless steal tanks within each pack and each one with two seperate dispensing hoses. Also I would appreciate coffee it if you could include in the quote the cost of shipping to Ireland, my address is:

I am a sales executive working for  and am looking for portable coffee backpack that can be used to sell beverages in settings such as concerts, theme parks, sporting events and other large scale outdoor events. 

Having read the information on your coffee  company's website, I understand that you specialize in such products and am highly interested in learning more about the range of products that you offer.  I am specifically interested in portable coffee backpack  as well as  (backpacks that hold Bottles/Cans of beverages) and would be grateful if you could send some related information or catalogues for me to look at.  I am able to receive documents either via email, fax or postage and all addresses/contact numbers are listed below for your convenience.

Thank you for your kind attention and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

I would like to introduce my self to you. My name is  project manager in  the world largest advertising company we have urgent inquire from one of our client for your products Backpack Drink Dispenser.

Quantity 30 to 40 pec Size 11 Liter Product Hot Drink Country UAE

I hope to get more information regarding delivery time, price, option of putting the logo and any more info and if you have distributor in Gulf area that we can get in touch with coffee to save time.