Backpack Coffee Dispenser for hot beverage

The catering coffee backpack drinks not forget ! While many provide enough food through catering, order drinks but it is often forgotten .  And yet no one wants to be left high and dry its guests and therefore starts at the last minute , at least a few beer, water and juices to buy. 

  • Our beverage catering is popular with many parties and with our  bar offers an eclectic combination option and comes as coffee , beverage bar , cocktail or wine used.
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  • Implement performance as advertised and meet or exceed coffee expectations . 
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Coffee Backpack dispense 19 Liter Coffee

  1.  including Drink The advantage here is that backpack coffee dispenser you mouse click caterers and drinks, such as the cocktail catering, order and can conveniently pay by credit card without cash .
  2. Also order coffee catering for drinks! We take care of your beverage catering ! 
    Not always an extensive catering or with breakfast menus is required. For this reason , we specialize backpack in private catering concept with beverage serving . 
  3. We realize champagne receptions and beverage service for your private or company anniversary .
  4. Equip your beach party with our cocktail and happy to supply you with the right drinks coffee for your event theme . 

You can rely on many years of experience, expertise and creativity of our team. The successful recipe for the best entertainment combines all the ingredients for a coffee backpack successful event cocktail :  modern event technology, innovative products and exciting event ideas . 

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  • The most beautiful location , who want to book light and sound equipment, service-trained personnel or the decoration as building blocks - is our address the right for your celebration.
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  • Makes it easy , eat and drink to order online , especially if you have forgotten the coffee backpack catering Drinks. Cooperates coffee widely with several restaurants and offers a large backpack number of different delivery Services. 

This is a backpack coffee dispenser. Inside it has insulation material that keeps the drink cool. Holds 36 cans of 12 oz. It has two compartments, the first to hold the drinks and the second to assemble the light piece and its technological package.

Official receptions and exhibition openings , we equip with appropriate counter, coffee backpack cocktail tables or  with lounge furniture and take care of the coffee smooth flow - from the backpack procurement of goods to the professional staff .